Welcome to my Webpage

This website has been designed to show you various different aspects of my coding and scripting background.

Navigation Descriptions

The "Work History" tab you will see a list of the various locations that I have worked and a description of the most valuable take aways that I had from each position.

The "Skills" tab will show you a list of the various languages, concepts, and skills that I possess that have helped me in and out of the Work place so far in my professional life.

The "Education" tab is fairly self explanitory, however, it will not only state where i went to college but also provide you with a few fun facts about the thriving metropolis that is Stillwater, OK.

The "Projects" tab contains several descriptions of projects that i have worked on both in college and at work as well as some projects that I have worked on in my own free time. Many of the projects may just be descriptions as the projects that I did for some companies I was not allowed to keep the source code due to contract agreements and other company rules. There are several Downloadable versions of these projects. Most are just raw code for you to look at but there are a few Excel files with some Macros Zipped up in there for you as well. I do love a well Automated Macro!

The "Resume" tab is rather boring. It mostly is a sumation of all the pages because if contains a link to my LinkedIn account as well as a downloadable copy of my actual Resume.

Last but certainly not least is my "Personal" tab. I invite you to please visit this page. It will help you to understand who I am as a person beyond my resume.