Personal Life

Why a personal page?

If you think about hiring a person from a group of resumes it seems a little frightening. There are all these people who seem like eligible candidates. How do you know who will work the hardest? Who do you know who is actually going to live up to their resume? Is their working style/personality going to mesh well with the team you are planning on placing them on? Well if you had the time to see these people in a casual environment and get to know them on a personal level your choice would be so much easier. This page is for that very purpose. To give you a glimpse of the Zachary Hale that lives beyond the code.

My Family Then

I am the 2nd oldest in a family of 3 boys and a princess, and thus learned to fight for myself and strive to be the best so that I could be recognized. Being 2nd in the middle of 3 boys was rough. My older brother was varsity tennis, varsity basketball, state choir, and now is in BYU's Vocal Point. He performing around the United States and singing solos in hit songs and becoming a YouTube sensation with their Music Videos. My younger brother was the star of multiple highschool theater productions, is a certifiable genius, and was also in State Choir, solo and small ensemble. That being said I strove for greatness at all times in my life. I played Varsity Football, was a National Qualifying Junior Olympic Gymnast, Junior Olympic Diver and have held a part time job since I was 14 years old.

This being said, do not mean I didn't enjoy my family with all of the competition between siblings. I love my family. I have the most fun family in the entire world. We all posess different qualities and traits and yet we all ironically speak the same kind of broken language that makes us a loving close knit group. Our house growing up was filled with the sound of 'Spoonerisms' but people who know my family just tend to call "that thing your family does". The more of us that are together the worse our English becomes. "Pickle Relish" become "Rickle Pelish" and "Drop you slipper" become "Slop your dripper". I heard that RinderCella slopped her dripper once, luckily Chince Prarming was there to dave the say... The bast part about our fun little quirk is that it is contagious. People who normally know how to speak just fine will start to fall apart when they come over for family night at the Hale house.

My family is important to me and working as a team with my family has been ingrained in me. I know how to do it, and I know how to be effective at it. I also learned when it is not effective and when teams need to be dissolved. there are many times where competition between siblings meant that things needed to be done alone. This can be true in the work place as well.

My Family Now

I have a lovely wife Autumn and a playful 7 month old son named Selar.

Autumn is a wonderful wife and mother and helps keep to remind me that even though I am playing with a child in the evenings, I am still an adult and should probably still act like one most of the time. She is my favorite person to be around whether I am having a good day or bad. Through thick and thin, I know Autumn and I are going to have a laughably good time.

Selar, pronounced sealer like 'one that seals things'. Selar was my grandfathers name. I helped my grandfather finish his basement the summer he turned 80 years old because he decided he was going to do it himself and my mother did not think that was a good idea. My wife and I love my grand father, so my son received his name. Now he is turning out to be as stuburn as the old man, always trying to do stuff by himself when we all know he shouldn't be due to his age.

Learning how to finish a basement and leaving school in the middle of your college career is not exactly "part of the plan". But with all the things that I learned on this trip I would never make a different choice. Learning from a mentor is an uncomparable experience. My grandfather was my mentor that summer for something I thought I understood, something I was pretty sure I would be doing most of while he napped. But he showed me shortcuts I didn't even know existed. Shortcuts that you cannot find on the internet. There is something that you just cannot get out of study and research that you can out of experience and to have a mentor with years of experience at you fingertips is a resource while have basically none, that I find invaluable.

I hope learning a little about me, my determination to always improve and to always strive for greatness, aswell as the import role that family plays in my life has given you a glimpse into my personality.